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We place our properties in the Pensacola Area Association of Realtors Multiple Listing Service, where our property information is available to all real estate agents and offices across the area.

Important Information

Diligent Placement

We receive calls every day for our properties through the phone book, through regular advertisements, through other real estate agents and placement offices, through the internet and our website, from signage, and simply by word-of-mouth and a favorable reputation and references. We have an impressive track record in placing quality residents.

We attribute this success to our extensive marketing efforts, screening process and commitment to exceptional service. We believe the most important part of professional property management is finding a quality resident for your home.

Exceptional Marketing

Our marketing program can stand with anyone in the business. But most important is our reputation. We are known for quality homes and professional management practices. Promotion efforts include media advertising, hot lines to agents, signs, and our web site. We place our properties in the Multiple Listing Service, where our property information is available to over 7500 real estate agents and offices across the area. We receive many inquiries by e-mail and have custom software that matches residents with available homes.

Extensive Screening

After a potential resident is located we conduct an extensive screening process. This process includes credit reports, reference checks and pre-qualifying. After acceptance, we complete negotiations, execute contracts, process documents and install the resident in the home.

Overview of Resident Screening

  • Investigate Credit
  • Check References
  • Pre Qualifying
  • Time tested Leases
  • Strong Documentation
  • Verify Employment & income

  • Check out Rental History
  • Negotiate best Lease Terms
  • Move-in Inspection Documentation
  • Security Deposits & Pet Deposit
  • Important Information Provided to Resident

If the owner chooses the One-Time Management Package, then we will hand the lease over to the property owner to manage, and then we look forward to working with you again. If the owner chooses the Full-Time Management Package, then our services continue:

Professional Management

Property managers collect rents, deal with resident issues, periodically inspect the property and personally supervise the home. The manager provides an “arms length” relationship between owner and resident.

By maintaining excellent relations with our residents and diligently caring for your property, we avoid most potential problems. Tenants are informed of their responsibilities regarding your property and their contracts. We will quickly and professionally settle any problems that may arise, with our clients’ interest in mind.

If there is a problem, whether it is collecting rents or settling tenant/owner disputes, we will handle the situation appropriately and professionally. We have access to legal counsel and if necessary, we are prepared to make a court appearance.

We utilize quality control procedures and proven business practices in the management of your home. In addition to the routine management of your home we are on call 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Overview of Managing the Property

  • Collect all Rents
  • Late Notices
  • Renovation Work
  • Early Terminations
  • Monthly Accounting
  • HOA matters
  • Bounced Checks
  • 24-Hour Emergency Line
  • Routine Maintenance

  • Unauthorized Pets
  • Evictions
  • All Charges Verified
  • Move-Out Inspections
  • Neighbor Complaints
  • Regular Inspections/Repairs
  • Resident
  • Newsletters/Communications

Quality Maintenance

We do our best to stay on top of and supervise maintenance and repair issues. We utilize skilled and reliable maintenance personnel. We maintain a network of vendors from general handyman to specialized A/C technicians. We know that it is important to get the job done quickly, in a quality and professional manner and at a reasonable cost. We follow-through on the work orders, and have a written explanation from the technician of the work performed on the final bill for your records.

The actual maintenance expenses for the home are the responsibility of the homeowner. Every effort is made to control maintenance costs while maintaining the integrity and value of the property. When a tenant reports a problem, it is verified to eliminate unnecessary service calls. Maintenance that is the tenant’s responsibility or fault is billed to the tenant, even though the owner will have already paid for the repair. Appropriate maintenance personnel are properly licensed, bonded and insured. We oversee maintenance and contractors are not paid until all work is satisfactorily completed.

Management Fees & Other Charges

Property management is a very competitive business. Remember – Not all services are the same and not all property management companies are created or perform the same way.

Some property managers only offer a standard management service while others offer a range of services. There are different ways property managers can charge for services. It is important to ask what services are optional or available. Be sure to understand all possible charges other than a percentage of the rent.

Fees and charges should be addressed completely in the property management agreement. Examples of common charges for a standard management service are: flat percentage of rent or a percentage of rent plus fees for individual services. Example of possible other fees are placement fees for locating a resident and/or charges for advertising, referral fees, lease renewals, fee for closing an account, and miscellaneous administrative expenses.

Rate Schedule

Our fees are competitive and are based on the services you request. Services are usually computed as a percentage of the rent, a flat fee, or a combination of both. We would be happy to meet with you, discuss your needs and provide a management package that fits your needs.

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