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Frequently Asked Questions

Would You Like to Be A Vendor With Us?

How do I register with Sweet Home Pensacola as a contractor? Send an email to info@sweethomepensacola.com with your business or company info and prices

What's required before we can begin working for you?

We also require that you have and furnish us proof of Workers Compensation Insurance and General Liability Insurance. You will also need to fill out and provide us with an IRS W-9 form. We do not withhold taxes or other fees. You are responsible for your own taxes and insurance

How do we get work?

We issue work orders for work that needs to be done or for products we need. These can be picked up at our office, or we can post them for you under your account on the web page (when the page is completed). When you complete the work, return the work order with your invoice for the work completed to our office.

Invoices received by Wednesday are paid the following Friday, (unless we have to wait for Landlords to submit payments), after we assure the work is completed satisfactorily. We always check on work completion before checks are written or released.

What kind of work do you have for Contractors?

We use almost any building maintenance or construction type workers including A/C and Heat, roofers, Painters, Electricians, Plumbers, Cleaning companies, Flooring installers, and General Handymen. We also have work for other types of Vendors, and we use many types of products. Some of our Owners are involved in new construction. They will need even more contractors who are ready to handle larger projects.

Why should we consider working for you?

We handle a lot of properties with a lot of different and varying problems. Though the type of work and the amount of work will vary, we never run out of work to do. But we only hire or rehire contractors who do quality work in a timely manner.

Give Us A Call

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Office Hours

Monday – Friday
8:30am – 5:00 pm

Our Office

3422 Barrancas Ave.
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